Below are links to websites providing image datasets for research purposes.

  • ALOT (Amsterdam Library of Textures): a color image collection of 250 textures for scientific purposes.
  • Brodatz: a classic dataset of monochrome texture images.
  • BTF Database BONN: dataset of 10 materials aquired under different views and lighting conditions.
  • CUReT (Columbia-Utrecht Reflectance and Texture Database): 60 samples of different materials captured under 200 different combinations of viewing and illumination directions.
  • DTD (Describable Texture Database): a database consisting of 5640 images organized according to a list of 47 terms (categories) inspired from human perception.
  • Jerry Wu: dataset of 30 real textures of rough surfaces taken different orientations and under controlled illumination condition
  • KTH-TIPS 1: database of 10 materials captured at different scales, viewing angle and illumination direction
  • KTH-TIPS 2: database of 11 materials captured at different scales, viewing angle and illumination direction
  • Kylberg Sintorn Rotation dataset: dataset of 25 classes of different materials captured under variable rotation.
  • Outex: a renown framework for empirical evaluation of texture classification and segmentation algorithms. Provides colour images of 320 surfaces under varying scale, rotation and illumination conditions.
  • Salzburg Texture Image Database (STex): large collection of outdoor colour texture images.
  • USPTex: dataset of textures typically found daily such as seeds, rice, tissues, road scenes, various types of vegetation, walls, clouds, soils, blacktop and gravel.
  • VisTex (Vision Texture): a well known collection of colour texture (and non texture) images.
Papers reviewing texture databases:
  • Hossain, S., Serikawa, S. Texture databases - A comprehensive survey (2013) Pattern Recognition Letters, 34 (15), pp. 2007-2022.
  • Bianconi, F., Fernández, A. An appendix to "texture databases - A comprehensive survey" (2014) Pattern Recognition Letters, 45 (1), pp. 33-38.
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