Matlab functions

The following functions have been tested on:
  • Matlab R14 sp 3 + Windows XP Home Edition 32bit sp 3
  • Matlab R2008a + Ubuntu Linux 10.04 64bit

Top-level script
General functions for image processing and pattern classification
Functions to compute bag-of-features and co-occurrences


The following additional Matlab toolboxes need to be downloaded and installed:


  1. Create a new directory (e.g.: ./mydir);
  2. Create a directory for Matlab code (./mydir/code);
  3. Save SCRIPT.m in ./mydir/code;
  4. Extract into ./mydir/code/GeneralRoutines;
  5. Extract into ./mydir/code/TextureFunctions;
  6. Create a directory to store the required toolboxes (./mydir/code/Dependencies) or install them elsewhere;
  7. Create the following empty subdirectories:
    • ./mydir/data/Classification;
    • ./mydir/data/Features;
    • ./mydir/data/Labels;
    • ./mydir/data/LaTeX;
  8. Create a directory to store the images and other stuff (./mydir/data);
  9. Download and unzip the images from here. In doing so, make sure to maintain the following structure:
    • ./mydir/data/ALOT/{000,060,...,180}/...
    • ./mydir/data/BRODATZ/{00,10,...,90}/...
    • ./mydir/data/KYLBERG_SINTORN/{000,040,...,320}/...
    • ./mydir/data/MONDIAL_MARMI/{00,05,10,...,90}/...
    • ./mydir/data/OUTEX_00045/{00,05,10,...,90}/...
    • ./mydir/data/VECTORIAL/{00,10,...,90}/...
  10. Download and unzip the train and test numbers into ./mydir/code;
  11. Launch SCRIPT.m;
  12. Retrieve the results in LaTeX format in /mydir/data/LaTeX.

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